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Book Call Numbers, Shelving Practice, and working with the Dewey Decimal System

Mrs. Lodge’s Library Shelver –  Contains Easy, Medium and Hard Exercises (Fiction & Dewey) –    

MATCH the Call Number with the Author  –

MATCH the Call Number with the Author  –

Is it Fiction or Nonfiction? –

Sort the FICTION call numbers –

MATCHING with NONFICTION call numbers –

Put DEWEY numbers in the Correct Order –


Power Point Presentations

Accessing Information – Reference Books

 Accessing Information – Book Parts and Features 


Genre games online  

Genres of Literature - Matching  (Mrs. Culley)

Genres of Literature - Matching  (Ms. Williams)

Genres of Literature  - Matching  (Mrs. Armbrust)

Genre Basketball Game -  

Genre Jeopardy Game – 

Genres of Literature - Rags to Riches 


Quia Summary Games 

Quia Rags to Riches Summarizing Game -   

Quia Rags to Riches Summarizing Game  -


Main Idea Games 

Room Recess Main Idea game (lightning) -

Rags to Riches Main Idea -

Quia Main Idea Game –   

Quia Main Idea Quiz –



Adjectives and Adverbs – Rags to Riches (Ms. Solona) –

Identify the Subject and Predicate - Rags to Riches –

Capitalization and Punctuation – Rags to Riches –

Run on or Complete Sentences – Pop-up answers –

Grammar Goodies – Rags to Riches – Complete the sentences correctly –

Context Clues

Context Clues Quiz (Mrs. Detrick) Upper Grades  -

Using Context Clues Activity -


Literary Devices and Figurative Language

Figurative Language Rags to Riches (Ms. Thompson) -

Figurative Language Rags to Riches # 2 (Ms. Thompson) -

Figurative Language Rags to Riches (Mrs. Morin) –

Figurative Language Matching Columns  (Mrs. Gerbus) -

Literary Terms Matching  (Ms Detrick) -

Literary Devices Matching (Ms. O’Rourke) -

Literary and Poetic Devices Matching (Ms. Freeman) –

Literary and Poetic Devices Matching (Mrs. Bryant) –

Poetic Devices Rags to Riches – Upper Grades (Mrs. Crawford) –



Animal Idioms Quiz -

Animal Idioms Quiz # 2 -

Body Parts Idioms Quiz 1a -  

Body Parts Idioms Quiz  2a -

Body Parts Idioms Quiz  3 -

Idioms with the Word Mouth - Quiz -


Plot, Setting, Characters, Mood, Theme, Author’s Purpose

Plot Structure Picture Puzzle –

Plot Vocabulary Matching (Mrs. Ray) –

Plot Terms Matching –

Literary Terms Matching (Ms. Rodd)

Characterization 1 Quiz (Ms. Cohn)

Theme, Mood, Setting Quiz  (Ms. Faulk)

Fiction Terms Review: Rags to Riches (Mrs.McWilliams) –

The Parts of a Story Quiz  (plot, setting, characters)

Literary Elements - Rags to Riches (Miss Farlin) –

Reference Books:

Which Reference?  Test your knowledge of reference materials. Choose the BEST source to locate needed information.  AL – Almanac  /  AT – Atlas  /  D – Dictionary /  E – Encyclopedia /  TH – Thesaurus

Ready Reference – Rags to Riches

Print Resources and Definitions  - Matching

Evaluating Sources – Rags to Riches (Choose the BEST source to locate information needed)  –  


Book Parts and Features, Reference Books, Online Resources, &  Genres

Who wants to be a Library Lingo Millionaire?     (Includes book parts & features, title page, author, illustrator, publisher, copyright date, Fiction & Non-fiction, call numbers, etc.)

Name That Resource! – Matching    (Includes reference books, online resources, search engine, web browser, OPAC, etc.)


Text features

Text Features Matching –  (Ms. Maxwell)

Non-fiction Text Features - Rags to Riches (Ms. Applebee) -

Text features Quiz (Ms. Jenkins) -


Charts, Graphs and Maps

Chart Reading Practice 1 -

Map Reading Practice - Quiz -

Reading a City Map - Quiz -


Evaluating Sources (Reference)

Evaluating Websites game – Earn all five stones  (This is a very long and complicated game.)

Evaluating Information Scources Quiz


Bibliography and Citing Sources (Reference)

Book Citation Jeopardy –  Java –   ( Enter a letter and choose – 1 player game) 

Book Citation Jeopardy –  HTML –

Citation Station – Encyclopedia, Print – Matching (Ms. Alexander) –

Citation Station - Encyclopedia, Web. –  Matching (Ms. Alexander) –

Citation Station – Book, Print – Matching (Ms. Alexander) –

Citation Station – Magazine, Print  – Matching (Ms. Alexander) –

Citation Station – Website  – Matching (Ms. Alexander) –