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Second Grade Assignments Page

Second Grade Assignments Page

2nd Grade Assignment – March 20-24, 2017

myON  (Login to Clever >> Go to myON);    Look for the word Map.

Read  & listen to these books and take the quiz.  You must get  4 of 5 or 5 of 5 correct to pass the quiz. (80% – 100%)   Re-read the book and re-take the quiz if you need to. 

___ What is a Map?

___ Map Scales

___ Types of Maps

___ Symbols and keys

___ Compass Rose and Directions

 3. Then Read  myON  Series: Making Graphs:

__ Tally Charts 

__ Bar Graphs

__ Pie Graphs

I must check off books and sign your sheet to show that you are finished.

After completing the myON Assignments, go to Study Island:  Login to Clever >> Go to Study Island > > Go to OK Programs > > Click on 2nd Grade > > Choose ELA (OK Academic Standards) > > Answer 30 question on 1. Diagnostic Test.

After completing the Diagnostic Test, Study the Lesson and answer 10 questions on the next topic. Score 70% or better on each topic and earn a ribbon.