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Coding Website Links

Coding Website Links 

Image result for kodable logo     Kodable Programing Lessons for Kindergarten, 1st Gr. &  2nd Grade


Drake –

Heath –



1st Grade 

Carter  –


Shoemake –


2nd Grade

Owens  –

Mitchell  –


Brewster –


3rd Grade 


Griffin –

Pack –


4th Grade

Gilliam –



5th Grade

Denton –

Johnsey – 

Summerhill –

Garland –


6th Grade

Cummings –

Huddleston –


Kodable Smeeborg Tutorial Video Links: Sequence   Conditions    Loops   Functions

Kodable Asteroidia Variables Tutorial Video Links:   Strings    Integers    Arrays

Bug World (classes) Tutorial Video Links:   Classes    Properties


Related image  –  Links and Lessons for 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

CODE Studio – (Computer Science Fundamentals for Elementary Schools)   

Create an account in Code Studio with your email address.  Use your account to track your progress.  Start with Course C or D and work your way through the lessons in each course. You may skip the unplugged lessons.  ( Your email address is –  firstname.ID )


Try your hand a coding with one of these links.  CLASSIC MAZE - Use blockly coding commands with Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, and Ice Age. - STAR WARS - Use blockly coding commands to give the BB-8 robot commands. - MINECRAFT - Use blockly coding commands to create or explore in Minecraft. - Learn coding with MOANA.


Related image  Lightbot – Hour of Code