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Redbud Read-aloud Awards 2018

     Redbud Read Aloud Books Spring 2018 

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Listen to the two books in each group and decide which of the two is your favorite.


1.    7 Ate 9   7 Ate 9         OR          Bella’​s Fall Coat  Bella's Fall Coat


​​2.   They All Saw a Cat  They All Saw a Cat    OR   Quit Calling Me a Monster   Quit Calling Me a Monster!


​​3.    Life on Mars   Life on Mars        OR       Is That Wise, Pig?     Is That Wise, Pig?


4.    Nanette’s Baguette   Nanette's Baguette     OR      Be QUIET!    Be QUIET!


5.      Bob, Not Bob!   Bob, Not Bob!: To Be Read as Though You Have the Worst Cold Ever      OR      My Friend Maggie     My Friend Maggie


Redbud Read Aloud Books Spring 2018 - Available on Youtube

7 ate 9 -   (5 min.)

Be Quiet!    (7 min.)

Bella’s Fall Coat  (4min.)

Best in Show    No Youtube Read Aloud video

Bob, Not Bob!  (7min.)

Caring for Your Lion   No Youtube Read Aloud video

Don’t Blink   No Youtube Read Aloud video

Quit Calling Me a Monster   (5 min.)                                                           

Green Pants   No Youtube Read Aloud video

Is That Wise, Pig?        (3 min.)

Life on Mars  (5 min.)   and 

           (2:32 min.)

Little Wolf’s First Howling  No Youtube Read Aloud video

My Friend Maggie  -   (3:15 min.)

Nanette’s Baguette   (3:12 min.)

They All Saw a Cat   (2:41 Min.)

Toad on the Road  No Youtube Read Aloud video