Student Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Students can be dropped off in the mornings using either drive, but the only door open before 8am is the cafeteria door.  At 8am breakfast starts in the cafeteria, at that time, the cafeteria door locks and the only door open is the main entrance door by the office.  The main door is locked at 8:35 with entrance to the building monitored by the front office with all visitors required to ring the bell and allowed entrance to the office only.
Creek will have both drives open for student pick-up in the afternoons, with buses using the rear parking lot for bus student pick-up only. Please make sure that your child knows where they are to be picked up in the afternoon. Buses will need to have access to the back of the building in the afternoons, so please do not block the drive in or out for the buses.  Do not park your car in either loop at anytime and leave your car, the loop if for pick-up and drop-off only.
  • Only buses are permitted to pick-up students in the rear (southeast toward playground) parking area.